RVT Custom Horse Shoeing and Trimming

Ryan Tyler has been a farrier for 15+ years, and has learned there’s no such thing as “one-size-fits-all” when it comes to horses and their feet. Each horse is different, and each owner has a different goal for their horse.

Ryan starts by chatting with the owner to evaluate the whole horse and getting to know him (or her). Is he an eventer, a reiner or just bumming around on the trails? Does he have a history of lameness or other medical problems? What’s the turnout paddock like? Is there ice in the winter or pebbles in the spring? Is he high-strung and anxious, or easy going? Does he need shoes on all 4 feet, or just a trim?

Once Ryan has an understanding of what the horse and owner need, he gets to work. He starts by evaluating all four feet, and working to make the horse feel comfortable. Then he fits the shoe to the foot, ensuring balance and support for the horse.

Ryan is based at A Touch of Majic Equestrian Center, but regularly travels around Pepperell, MA, and surrounding towns. Reach out to Ryan at RyanTyler66@yahoo.com or call or text him at 978-875-1238 to schedule a visit, or talk to him about what your horse needs.