Sales & Leases

Are you looking for a horse or pony to call your own? If you’re not ready to commit to full-time ownership, leasing is a great option, and many of our schools horses are available for lease. If you are ready to buy a horse let us know! We have developed many great connections in the industry and are constantly hearing of prospects from first horses to show mounts. We have proudly made over 100 happy matches and dream teams in both the western and English arenas. Buy one already well schooled or let us help you custom train your own dream horse.

School Horses Available for Lease


While Angel usually lives up to her name, she can up the ante, and pull out a little bit of spunk when you least expect it. This sweet girl kicks butt, takes names, and will help push a beginner rider to the next level.

Looking for Their Next Humans



Hobo is the most patient school horse at A Touch of Majic, and where most of our first-timers start. He’s a sweet old man, who can still turn on a dime if asked.

Hobo got his name because at his old barn he used to let himself out of the paddock and wander down to the local corner store for a snack! Then he’d be back home in time for dinner, and his old owner had no idea he was even gone. Today, Hobo stays put, and is fed plenty of hay and peppermints to keep him happy.


Mocha Pony

Mocha is a sweet, spunky little pony in a small package. At just 13-hand, she’s our go-to pony for our littlest beginners.


Brooklyn is one of our favorite mares, with style and substance. She’s super safe, and has been known to push riders ready to move onwards and upwards. A little sass, a little sweet, Brooklyn is the best of both worlds.