• Meg showing us all what Rookie can do
  • Ollie is one of our training success stories, pictured here with owner Amanda working him on the lunge line
  • Trainer Ryan Tyler works with Ollie and Amanda

Training Servies

Not every horse is born perfect, and even those who were properly trained as young fillies and colts sometimes need a bit of a refresher. Our trainers are experienced at working with horses of all ages and skill levels, and can work with your horse to get him performing at his best!

Do you have a “problem” horse? No problem! We specialize in re-training OTTB’s, rescues and horses with traumatic backgrounds. We fundamentally believe in the good of each horse, and will work with you and your horse to bring out the goodness and correct the problem areas.

Training Rates

Single Training Ride $45 for 30 min/$65 for 60 min
Rehab Ride, 15-30 mins $25
Hand-Walk or Ride for Vet $15 for 20 min
Cross Country School $50

Training Board & Packages available, please inquire as rates may vary.

Training Success Story: Ollie and Amanda

Amanda came to us as a student last summer, after taking about 20 years off of riding. She was an experienced rider as a teen, and thrilled to jump back in. It wasn’t long before she was bit by the riding bug once again, and eager to have a horse of her own. Meghan came across Ollie at a nearby farm, and thought the two would make a perfect match. It was love at first sight, and Amanda said ‘yes’ to the horse!

The first month was great. Ollie and Amanda were really clicking, and already taking small fences in the indoor arena. Then Amanda took a pretty bad fall, and ended up with two broken ribs. This sent their relationship into a downward spiral and multiple setbacks.

Ollie is an OTTB (off-the-track-thoroughbred) and could not be more different from the quiet quarter horse Amanda grew up riding. OTTBs are high spirited, emotional horses who can be prone to stress and anxiety. Ollie was no different. He’d spent the last year without a rider, and had grown very thin and lost a lot of muscle tone. When Amanda was all healed up and ready to ride again, she came back to the barn to a different horse. Ollie was grumpy, nippy and he started to buck when being ridden. His new, healthy, diet gave him the energy he needed to voice his objections to riding, and was easily able to buck Amanda off. After a few rides that were more bucks than riding, Amanda went to Meghan and Ryan for help.

They hopped on Ollie for a few training rides, ran him through a few tests, and concluded that it was likely ulcers that were causing the bucking. A vet confirmed their suspicions within the week. It turned out that moving from his old barn to A Touch of Majic was more stress than he could take, and as a result he developed ulcers, a common reaction to stress among thoroughbreds.

The ulcers made Ollie extremely high-strung, and his bad behavior translated to the ground as well. He developed poor ground manners, and had no respect for those bringing him back and forth to the paddock. While waiting for the ulcers to heal, Meghan gave Amanda a few lessons on groundwork and within a few weeks Ollie was behaving himself on the ground.

Once Ollie was cleared to ride, Amanda hopped back on, convinced the bucking was behind her. What she didn’t notice however, is that the healthy diet at the barn was doing its job, and Ollie was starting to fill out. The trouble is that Amanda’s saddle was sized for a thin horse with high withers. 3 months later he still had high withers, but was no longer thin. Ollie made it very clear that something was wrong, and the bucking continued.

Amanda was close to throwing in the towel when Meghan and Ryan stepped in again. They quickly noticed the saddle issue, and did a training ride with a school saddle that fit much better and saw a dramatic improvement. At this point, the bucking still continued, but it was more because Ollie was expecting pain and had gotten into the habit of bucking. Ryan put Ollie into ‘bootcamp’ and did a number of training rides to show Ollie that all of the problems had been fixed, and bucking for bucking’s sake would not be tolerated. Once he was convinced that all was well, and that Ollie was over bucking, he turned to Amanda. Her confidence had been completely shot, and every false step on Ollie made her anxious. He patiently worked with the pair to help build a strong relationship between horse and rider, and set them up for success in every ride.

Today, Amanda and Ollie couldn’t be happier. Their relationship is strong, riding improving and they’re planning on eventing in the near future.

I was in over my head with Ollie, and wasn’t sure if he was the right horse for me. He had massive potential, so I really didn’t want to give up on him. Thankfully Ryan and Meghan were there every step of the way coaching both of us, and jumping in when Ollie was too much for me to handle. We wouldn’t be where we are today with out Ryan and Meghan, and I’ll be forever grateful for their support and guidance.

Amanda Nichols

Amanda and Ollie

After working with Ryan, Ollie is back to his goofy self!