About Us

A Touch of Majic

Husband and wife team, Meghan and Ryan, both grew up with a love of horses and pursued careers inline with their passions. Ryan and Meghan met while Ryan was managing a facility Meghan was working out of. At the time the two became fast friends. Four years later, Ryan became Meghan’s barn manager when she leased her first large facility. It wasn’t long before friendship became more than that, and on September 15, 2015, the two married. A few months after their wedding, Ryan and Meghan became co-owners of their own facility – located in Ryan’s hometown of Pepperell, MA.

Meghan Bourque Tyler, Head Coach/ Trainer

Meghan Bourque Tyler
Equine Behavior Specialist
Head Coach / Trainer
MA Certified Riding Instructor

With 24 years of riding and competing experience, Meghan’s resume boasts an extensive background in Equestrian Sports and an education deriving from some of today’s biggest trainers and contenders.Meghan began taking riding lessons at age 8, dreaming of being a riding instructor herself one day. Lessons led her into the showing and by the time she was a teenager Meg was competing simultaneously on the hunter/jumpers and eventing circuits.

At age 18, Meghan was accepted to Westfield State University where she earned a “walk-on” to their ISHA Equestrian Team. She rode to the top of her class and became the team captain for three consecutive years. Shortly after, Meghan became an instructor almost by accident. While boarding her horses at a local barn near the college, Meghan was given the opportunity to school numerous ApHA world champion horses in exchange for board. During her sophomore year, Meghan completed her apprenticeship under World ApHA champ contender Brenda Coggin and became a MA certified Instructor.

Outside of the “start – box” Meghan has worked as an ABA and Behavioral Therapist/ Crisis Interventionist, is graduate of the SSPO Police Academy, and is completing a Triple Masters’ Degree in Counseling Psychology, Licensed Mental Health Counseling and School Psychology (LICSW).

Ryan Tyler, Equine Behavior Specialist

Ryan Tyler
Barn Manager
Professional Western Trainer
Equine Behavior Specialist

Ryan Tyler is a Pepperell native, and thrilled to call Pepperell Massachusetts home once again. He grew up riding on his parents farm, Twin Pine Farm, just down the road. He started out as an english rider at 10-years-old, and spent a year on the event circuit with a cute little dapple grey pony called Tango. It wasn’t long before he felt the call of the cowboy and turned Tango into a western pony.

Western suited him well, and it wasn’t long before Ryan was traveling the country as a western reiner. He showed at the Quarter Horse Congress, the premier western reining event in the sport, and took Reserve World Champion in the youth category. He went on to win many more titles, but is reluctant to talk about it. Ryan is kind of a big deal, but as humble as they come. If you look close enough, you’ll find a couple of his trophies covered in dust in the viewing room at A Touch of Majic.

Ryan is developing the reining program at A Touch of Majic, training a few horses to become reiners, and looking for students eager to join the sport. Ryan’s passions go well beyond reining, and excels at working with young horses, OTTBs and problem horses.

Outside of riding, Ryan is the on-site farrier at A Touch of Majic. Prior to A Touch of Majic he was a firefighter, and his education in fire safety and prevention brings an added safety bonus to our facility.

Our Philosophy

Horses are beautiful, kind-spirited animals that can bring out the best in mankind. We fundamentally believe that to have a successful horse-human relationship, humans need to enter with an open mind and open heart. We expect positive intent and respect from all of our horses and people at A Touch of Majic. Positivity is often a work in progress, and our experienced trainers and staff are always available to help coach and guide students and boarders on how to bring positivity to the barn and earn respect from the horses.

Growing up in the world of horses, Meg and Ryan are well aware of the drama that often accompanies horses and horse owners. As a result, they have declared A Touch of Majic a ‘no drama’ barn where negativity, barn gossip, and general unpleasantness will not be tolerated. We simply ask that our boarders and students be kind to one another and to the beautiful horses who bring us so much joy.

Our Crew

Evan, aka our King of Sarcasm, has been with A Touch of Majic for over 3 years. He’s a passionate dressage rider and eventer, and skilled in all disciplines of riding. You can see Evan hanging around the barn exercising horses for some of our boarders, and hanging with his bestie Guinness.


Bella is an aspiring Vet Tech, and loves helping out at the barn. She can be found mucking stalls, turning horses in and out, and helping out wherever needed. When she’s not working, she’s out riding Brooklyn and jumping at our weekly Friday Night Grid Night.


In addition to her love of horses, Lina is a passionate and skilled photographer. The veteran of the group, Lina has been with A Touch of Majic for over 5 years, and now leases Guinness. She’s about to graduate high school, and while she’s planning on majoring in Graphic Design, she intends to ride throughout college and well beyond.

Interested in our Work to Ride program? Reach out to Meghan at meghan@atouchofmajic.com to see if she has any openings.